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Your ultimate solution for hassle-free package delivery! Connect with travelers going from point A to point B and request them to carry your packages. List your own travel plans for others to contact you for delivery services. Our user-friendly app features a search function, detailed package listings, in-app chat, user profiles, and convenient settings. Simplify your package deliveries with ease. Download now and get started

In a world grappling with the environmental impact of rapid delivery demands, traditional shipping methods contribute significantly to carbon pollution. SK offers a novel solution by harnessing the existing travel routes of individuals to streamline package deliveries. By optimizing the unused capacity of travelers' journeys, SK minimizes the need for additional transportation vehicles, effectively reducing carbon emissions. However, despite strides towards sustainability, the challenge of carbon pollution persists in the logistics industry, necessitating innovative approaches like SK to mitigate its effects. Join us in revolutionizing the delivery landscape and forging a greener future with SK.

Why carbon neutralization is important !

Delivering packages through travelers offers a promising avenue to reduce carbon emissions in the logistics industry. Utilizing travelers already moving in the desired direction eliminates the need for additional transportation, thereby cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions associated with traditional delivery methods. This innovative approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery system.


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SK bridges the gap between travelers and package delivery, enabling seamless connections between individuals with spare capacity in their journeys and packages awaiting delivery. Our innovative platform facilitates efficient and eco-friendly deliveries by harnessing existing travel routes, making it possible for travelers to transport packages to their destinations while optimizing their trips.

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